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We started from Hand gestures sticker pack and now we decided to move forward, do more and keep impress you! Because we love what we are doing!

From now you can join our team and be part of community or you can order your own custom sticker pack or you can propose us your idea, we would be happy to hear from you.

Stickerpack Design Team


  • Evgeniy Loktev
    Evgeniy Loktev


  • Eugene Mitelman
    Eugene Mitelman


  • Denis Solomoniuk
    Denis Solomoniuk

    Project Manager

  • Sergey Karachenko
    Sergey Karachenko

    Frontend Developer

  • Olga Bolgar
    Olga Bolgar

    Website Designer

  • Elina Andronnikova
    Elina Andronnikova

    iOS App Designer

  • Vlad Hetman
    Vlad Hetman

    iOS Developer

  • Khrystina Ivantsiv
    Khrystina Ivantsiv

    Stickers Artist

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